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Vented Subwoofer, Passive or Direct. Portable Adjustable Speaker Tripod. Near – Field Active Monitor. Multi – Channel Stereo Amplifier. Hardware for SAT P.

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Bridged for mono operation, the MAC 2. Passive Watt 2-Way 15″ Loudspeaker. Padded slip-on cover for Trouper or Spectrum PA.

Active Watt 12″ Subwoofer. Compact 1 – Channel Direct Box. All-in-one Portable Sound System.

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Portable Powered PA System. Portable Adjustable Speaker Tripod. Active Watt 2-Way 10″ Loudspeaker. Graphic Stereo 31 – Band Equalizer.

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Active Loudspeaker with dual LED lighting array. Near – Field Active Monitor.

Single channel wireless microphone receiver with up to selectable channels in iron case. Active Watt 15″ Subwoofer. Hardware for SAT P. Complete PA Package with 15″ speakers.


Active Watt 2-Way 15″ Loudspeaker. Stand for one or two SAT P. Active Watt 2-Way 12″ Loudspeaker. Efficient toroidal transformers ensure low noise levels. Abs case 6U on wheels and trolley for D series amplifiers.

Mac Allister 2300w Petrol Generator

Stand for WDA series. Complete PA Package with 12″ speakers. Active Watt 2-Way Stage Monitor.

Stereo Band Graphic EQ. Dual 15″ 2-Way Passive Speaker System. Power and signal distribution panel. Multi – Channel Stereo Amplifier.

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Portable Watt PA System. Single channel wireless microphone receiver with up to 16 selectable channels in plastic case. Performance-ready power in a compact, fan-cooled package. Experience the performance-ready power of this compact amplifier.

Abs case 10U on wheels and trolley for D series amplifiers. Hardware for SUB P.

Multiple input and output formats allow easy connections to any system. Dual 15” 2-Way Passive Speaker Cabinet.

Stereo Wireless System for Active Loudspeakers.