Mar 26 2020

The dial tone indicates that the call system is ready for the caller to enter digits. There are several options for an inmate to select with respect to payment on the account. The recorded data would then be compared with information in the database. Furthermore, audio recorder can monitor multiple telephone lines simultaneously, using a different recorder channel number for each of trunk lines In another example, it may be preferred that an inmate be prevented from contacting the victim of the inmate’s crime or witnesses from the inmate’s case.

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Although the specific memory capacity for the system is provided for disclosure purposes, it is foreseeable that additional memory, either internal or external to the system, may be provided depending on the desired capacity of the call system. The inmate debit account may be located onsite, at a central office facility, or at a third-party site.

The results of the analysis of rthernet second processing unit are sent to a first processing unit with the previously stored information. In addition, some current institutional telephone systems electronically or manually disable the keypad after a telephone number is dialed and the telephone call is connected.

The user can be required to have in the user’s possession some type of radio frequency identification technology to access the telephone 2231com. The recorded data would then be compared with information in the database.

Retrieved Fard 16, These voice prompts may be digitally produced and presented in a concatenated form as is presently known in the art or other common form in the art. From this data, the analyzing system can determine an accurate distance from the sensor that the user must be located within some minor degree of error.

>>>>>> ETHERNET DRIVERS <<<<<<

However, to handle most institution requirements, the range of the PIN is one to nine digits or characters typically. As wireless networking became more ethernwt, wireless NICs also grew in popularity. However, techniques, systems, and operating structures in accordance with the present invention may be embodied in a wide variety of forms and modes, some of which may be quite different from those in the disclosed embodiment.


The amount of each call is subtracted from the account after its completion. Without the necessary constraints on an inmate’s use of the telephone system, inmates have often harassed outside parties or individuals.

The prepayment is stored in a database on the call management system for use in verifying calling party calls. Additionally, the system may include a means for restricting access or a means for providing carc to particular users. Telephone numbers placed on the restricted list can include any individual related to the conviction e.

D’Urso fails to provide a selection means for the user, such as 231fom ability to choose the type of call to be placed e. Crad initialization, CSC Z8 control processor performs subsystem reset A common example is a request by the call system to provide their mother’s maiden name. An active RF band contains a transponder that either intermittently or constantly emits an intermittent RF pulse that is detected by a series of sensors placed about the user’s location.

Typically, telephone communication systems in penal institutions provide an inmate with a telephone account upon arrival. If you find this NIC definition to be helpful, you can reference it using the citation links above. To access the system, a user first dials a number to access the telephone system and chooses a language for all subsequent voice ethrnet.


It has the ability to log and record details of all telephone calls placed through the system and store them for a period of time defined by the institution.


This allows an authorized user to access an automated service and enter menu selection keys. Finally, telephone locations summary block provides a general summary to a staff member for maintaining a call system. Each telephone number can be modified in the telephone number field In the preferred embodiment, SIS contains four main components including SIC Station Interface Card which provides power to all telephones, CSC Cross-Point Switch which routes telephone calls from telephone bank to the proper outgoing trunk lineLIC Line Interface Card which converts analog telephone signals to a format compatible with the call management system, and Spybox which is used for audio monitoring of user telephone calls.

In order to operate the telephone call management system and place a telephone call, the user is required to enter a PIN.

Network interface controller

The drop-and-insert feature in addition supports playback of digital voice prompts during the inquiry process. When a user attempts to access the telephone system at a later time, the user may hear a series of voice prompts directing the user to first supply a PIN and then supply the same form of biometric information that is stored in the database. The apparatus embodies a microprocessor system controlling voice prompting, recognition of responses, network signaling, recording of calling details, and verification of account numbers.

The larger daughter board is identified as the line card extension board. In the present embodiment of the call system, a series of bilingual voice prompts are provided. However, the system does not allow for other types of calls, such as collect calls, to take place.