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These microswitches work together to indicate to the DC Controller which size cassette is installed, or indicate that the cassette is incorrectly installed. Weak or no developer bias. Clutches and solenoids work together to start and stop gears and rollers used for paper movement. On the Printer Security screen, enter the new password numeric values can be set from to , and click on the OK button. When troubleshooting this problem, perform the following steps in the order given. Remove the interconnect as follows:

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HP LaserJet – Wikipedia

This process was used for low-end printers 4L, 4P, etc. Takes the place of the flashing indicator. LJ5 1 Open the Top Cover and loosen the retaining screw on the right side cover located at the upper right rear of the printer. Note the wavy washer on the 1 screw callout 1 touching the copper contact. This message appears even if the cartridge was not used.

HP LaserJet 4

To set the Customization Variable: Note the orientation of the AC Connector before removing it. It also included status indicators like Online and Ready. The display should change from i.


If does not appear, check the SIMM installation. The image formation process centers around the photosensitive drum and consists of six stages: HP CompuServe Forum CompuServe members can download a variety of support materials including product data sheets, software application notes, and printer drivers for many popular software applications. The Numeric section refers to the production number of the printer.

Follow these instructions to install the Lower Cassette. Users without a technical background, especially those who had not used a printer before the late s, might not understand these indicators, or might think they are conflicting or ambiguous.

Print density set improperly.

HP LaserJet

The toner particles obtain a negative surface charge by rubbing against the developing cylinder which is connected to a negative DC supply. Follow these instructions to change the display language. Remove the metal cover.

With the advent of the HP LaserJet inthe control panel was completely redesigned. Message 6 of Heewlett to the following cassette size switches functional check. The surface of the paper may be too smooth for the pickup roller to move the paper through the paper path.

For network MIO cards, see the user’s manual for your card. Raw, unformatted, text-only support still exists, but the professional LaserJet printers [ which? Printer sends Arcived when printer is put on line or when sufficient buffer space is available.


The LaserJet 4 series had small printers in the range: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Pacing is set through the control panel’s Serial Menu.

Because the beam is sweeping the entire length of the drum and the drum is rotating, the entire circumference of the drum can be covered. The purpose of the fusing system is to maintain a constant temperature on the fuser roller. Note It is not necessary to configure the Envelope Feeder to the printer through the printer’s Control Panel. The LC Tray Tray 3 is not fully seated into the printer. To set the Leading Edge Registration: When the action requires removal and replacement of an assembly or PCA, refer to the applicable section of Chapter 6 for instructions.

Figure Adjust the cassette for the paper size you want to load. For the printer to receive data, both the On Line and Ready indicator lights must be on.