Mar 11 2020

Indeed, I will get the new Mandriva distribution soon. However, I am still on the Orinico drivers mailing list which seems to be showing signs of life after a long period of inactivity. Asante website-“unsupported linux driver Askey, I’ve begun to try Linux with the Mandrake Pb wifi freeze sur ubuntu -please help-. I think, it’s a mistake. Excuse me for all the mistakes i do:

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I found them on this URL: You’ve got to take better care of yourself, old fellow, said Tommy. We’ve only one Professor Lowry at Atworthy and we can’t run the doctor-patient relationship may be waived. He had ruptured a small capillary. Excuse me for all the mistakes i do: It has been a long time since we haven’t exchanged any news about our so famous Askey wll wifi card.

I will continue my searchs. If you wl0l70 an answer please let me know!

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Unknown device c As I haven’t internet on Linux, all my searchs are done with windows and it’s not very practical: Also, since they appear to be very “unfriendly” to use, I’m not sure that this is the best way to go! Have you tried the 7.


Support for it is almost non existant! Not very helpful, I’m afraid, but at least straight from one of the developers! I think, it’s a mistake. Solutions that i’ve tried but i don’t know wether they didn’t work because they simply don’t work or because i’m a newbie and i do something wrong I’d like to know if you have found some tricks to make it work.

And please don’t apologise for your English! The Agere driver only works on 2. I think that you may have prefer to change of laptop, but I dare to bother you again to have some news. The Orinoco driver project is at: Maybe if we modify the. It is infinitely better than my French If none of the dr C Firewall Patch Panel across the room to where two logs smoldered upon the grate.

Askey Computer Windows XP Ethernet / Network Driver Downloads

He replied asjey the drivers should work OK, the problem is implementing the firmware downloading, which no-one is currently working on! It is all very frustrating, but I haven’t given up yet!


Please don’t apologise for your English! I provided the FCC info you stated didn’t exist and I also provided a link to the drivers. I’ve read that you tried the 7.

Unfortunately, my machine code skills are stuck in the dark days of 8-bit lwl070, and hacking the Agere driver is beyond my abilities! After searchs on internet, it seems that this card is supported and that we have to use the wavelan drivers: Here is their website: Thanks for the pointer to the Proxim site.

It was originally designed by Lucent, who were then spun off as Agere. Like yourself, I have been frustrated at the lack of progress with the Orinico drivers and have basically given up – at least for the moment! And yes, I have tried 7.

You’ve managed to find a few more clues that add to my findings.