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Industrial boards would be nice, but I doubt they allow you to lower and raise the FSB which would be crucial to “fine tune” the system Host Bus Fast Data Ready: I put testing and info after the topic title, because it does fit in with roughly what I want to achieve. Now, I get no distortion when I play that dance. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Test hardware I am going to be testing this mobo with the following hardware.

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Test 1 used a Powerleap adapter, and Test 2 used an nVidia Geforce3 card.

Now, I get no distortion when I play that dance. That means that these jumpers are unavailable.

Review of Slot 1 Motherboards with Intel 440BX Chipset – Spring 1998

The P2B supports clock multipliers ranging from 2. The cpu speed has almost zero impact.

What is there to gain or lose, other than that particular issue you raise by installing it? Corsair Microsystems Purchase Web-Site: My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials aeus more Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

The sound card for the overclocked PCI bus test is in row 3.

ASUS P2B – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – i440BX

My future testing threads will be about “general testing” for a component, and also include as much general info as Asuus can acquire.


Intel seemed to get it right the first time every time.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Hey retro gamesI finally figured out why P3 systems are so slow when you disable the L1 cache!

chioset In addition to the supported settings are a few “just-for-fun” options, including the 75, 83, Turbo Frequencyand MHz bus speeds. Link to a useful processor upgrade guide webpage, for the P2B.

Asus P2B – Review of Slot 1 Motherboards with Intel BX Chipset – Spring

The version provided by Asus is V2. I appreciate that this is not specific, but I don’t want to concentrate on one specific topic.

Last edited by retro games on The way it is, even when I read your post, I can’t decide what info is important and what is not, cause I have no clue as to what you are getting at in the long run. Link wsus an interesting webpage, where this P2B owner has modified the mobo. The Test Index The Test. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This site hosts no abandonware. I’ve run some tests already on this mobo.


ASUS P2B – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – iBX Overview – CNET

The consequence is, that I abort reading after a few lines. Return to Fhipset Old Hardware. The mobo BTW, I need a new camera.

You can’t adjust them. However, the Intel driver readme has detailed instructions for installing the driver under all OSes up to win, while the download page states that it applies to OSes up to XP pro.

To get any faster without L1 cache it’s all down to the FSB. The current revision of the P2B made no indication of a MHz bus speed, which isn’t a big loss since making use of a MHz bus speed setting requires sub -8ns PC SDRAM, realistically 6ns modules are p2 for the most stable operation at that speed. Not sure about the non DS mobo Host Bus Fast Data Ready: I believe it’s the final PCB revision that was made.

I know for certain that 98SE has all you need built-in.