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PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Shutting off the Geforce M is only one element in bringing about a low energy consumption. Brushed aluminum and plastic lend it high-value haptics. The color scheme is darker gunmetal-grey instead of bright silver, a slight change from the UL30A. Performance was quite snappy, but if you feel like subbing out the 5,rpm hard drive for an SSD to get those programs launching even quicker you can easily do that with the latch on the underside of the system. There is, in fact, a hardware button , which serves to activate both wireless modules.

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Review Asus U30JC-A1/QXV Notebook – Reviews

System Noise With respect to noise, the system shows itself in a positive light. The glare-TFT only has a small viewing-angle and the contrast is low. Likely aaus of space or strength concerns, the panels are only sized for RAM and HD access, but it is better to have them than not.

These graphics aren’t the cream of the crop: Which translates to 84 Watt-hours, an extremely strong capacity and also a reason for the weight of the We wanted to know how strong a system without dedicated graphics Intel HD differentiated itself from that with the Nvidia M.

Asus has built a solid workhorse in the inch U30Jc-1A that sacrifices some portability for gaming prowess, but still has great battery life.

The standard Seagate hard drive does not draw attention to itself during normal use, though the soft clacking of the hard drive heads can be heard if you have an ear tuned in. When a little horsepower is needed, for example in games, notebooks with ATI HD graphics take the cake. The weight of the 2.


The keys were nicely spaced, but we felt that their pitch was a little too shallow. The system was completely usable in every instance; multiple programs running simultaneously did not stress the U30JC out one bit.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. But like us, you’ve got to be thinking there’s got to be sacrifices here, right? Unfortunately, they are not included in the normal viewing angle. Viewers looking on from above could only recognize the outlines of what was on screen. Well, now that sounds new, and that’s exactly what the The connection of external loudspeakers over a 3.

Those who can find the power-switch can turn the U30JC off. Eight hours of battery life?

NVIDIA Optimus Driver Update for Asus Notebooks

Darf’s ein bisschen weniger sein? The bottom of the notebook has one soft spot, where a panel has some mild flex, but besides that there is very little flex anywhere on the notebook.

Horizontal viewing angles are wide enough for three nvidix to share the screen without encountering color distortion.

Both of those numbers are, of course, on the extreme end of the battery spectrum — when we used the laptop to write this review, listen to music and intermittently watch some Mvidia clips we stayed cord-free for about 5 hours and 30 minutes. Though the cooling never turns offeven in Silent Office Mode, it only produces an average of 32 dB Awhich is to say that it is quiet. Just as important, this handsome aluminum-clad notebook has the brains to know when users require more muscle or aus endurance.


We were less than thrilled when we booted the U30Jc for the first time to find its desktop covered with preloaded ASUS programs and crapware — there’s an eBay shortcut and Boingo installer to name a few. Products may not u30cj available in all markets. The palm rest remains cool at all times and nvkdia cooling fan stays quiet. Usually, multimedia laptops larger than In this situation the fan is clearly removing waste heat from the chassis but it does so in a consistent way.

Applications may also make use of up to four cores Hyper-Threading. Core i3 laptops with no more than 2.

U30Jc | Laptops | ASUS Global

The keyboard does not live up to the same standard. With the Nvidia graphics active, performance-hungry consumers will be pleased.

Those who can find the power-switch can turn the U30JC off, to access both hatches on the underside.