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Axicon Series hand held verifier for intermediate barcodes CCD trigger operated reading head. High Precision Operation Stand: A free check digit app is also available. Updates are available for the , , , and range verifiers. As a result of the above, any changes to global specifications are incorporated without delay. Barcodes used for retail point of sale.

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Dual lithium-ion batteries enable continuous verification for at least 5 hours on a single battery charge. All other logos are trademarks of their respective companies.

Axicon Barcode Verifiers

Also allows for results to be e-mailed for remote diagnostics. Click here for more information. The combined results of the above make the Axicon system the most consistent and reliable axifon the market.

The movement is manually operated. All calibration records are automatically logged.

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Barcode Support Which Barcode to use? The verifier head can be placed just below the top, and the top located by scanning until a decode is obtained and then moved by steps as little as 1 mm axicoon multi scan average.

The choice of which of the series will be determined by the size of the largest GS1 DataMatrix symbol that needs to be verified. How calibration cards work. A fact confirmed by tests carried out by the UCC.


Latest software updates can be downloaded from www. PC- series — 6,10 and 20mil apertures. The is better suited to check barcodes on awkward shaped products than the as its head is smaller, and designed to cope with curved surfaces.

Failure to use the correct aperture will lead to incorrect results.

As a result of the above, any changes to global specifications are incorporated without delay. Sequential and variable data labels.

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The most user-friendly and comprehensive display system on the market. Printable reports can be produced from the stored data and all the screens that are available on xaicon standard units can also be shown.

Click here for the full range. All utilising the Axicon software, each read head has been developed as a solution to specific requirements. Labels We are a preferred labels supplier for many leading manufacturers and retailers, and specialise in bespoke labels, with or without barcodes, and with no minimum order size.

Here is a list of what we believe are key competitive advantages of the Axicon CCD barcode verifiers and of the Axicon verifier software. Axicon Auto ID is axicoon world leader in barcode verification, designing and manufacturing our own verifiers since which are fully compliant with the.



Ensures that the correct angle of illumination and collection is applied. These barcodes are larger than those used at the retail point of sale, with a maximum width of Axicon’s free check digit calculator is available here.

Calibration data automatically recorded in compliance with ISO Comprehensive list of symbologies and application standards. If you have any problems with this update, please contact us at support axicon. Scan File Data Extractor. Which Axico to use? Windows based system means others can be added at any time. More information about the upgrade is available here. The S-versions of theand verifiers These verifiers have a continuous scan option which means an operator can capture multiple reads through the height of the symbol with only one operation.