Feb 01 2020

I’ve already went through steps 1 and 3. Datalogic is a tough one. Well, the thing is that I’ve managed to communicate with the scanner. You do not need any pre-amble characters. NET provides a class library for.

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The Gryphon works just fine on subsequent port reopen operations. NET developers to interract with peripherals typically found in the retail environment attached to Point of Sale, Self-Checkout, Kiosk, and ATM devices such as barcode scanners, magnetic stripe garcode, cash drawers, etc.

I believe your best bet would be to setup logical names for each device in the configuration tool for your scanner driver. Well, the thing is that I’ve managed to communicate with the scanner.

Monday, April 2, I keep feeling that there’s something that I was doing wrong since it does seem impossible to me that they have not sorted out having more than one scanners connected lpos now.

The test case scenario consists of the following operations with a certain delay between them: The advantage of the serial port scanner is that there is never any confusion between a keyboard number input and a barcode scan. Only plug and play support is crude barcodde consists of monitoring COM ports not all of them might be coming from scanners, ofc. Whenever I opened and enabled a device of my type “USBScanner”one of the two scanners would light up while the other one would still be in sleep mode.


How do I determine which items stand for my currently lpos physical devices?

Control the scanner directly via serial port I suppose the protocol is very simple, mostly data from scanner to PC. I was hoping for a cleaner solution with PnP support and all that. This resulted in two objects with different values for GetHashCodebut they both seemed to have been associated to the same scanner the active one.

You will have to use the manufactures software to configure the scanner. Can you please link me to an example of a configuration? Customize and Optimize Your Scanner With Zebra Software Tools Whether you need to simply stage a device or develop a fully featured application with image and data capture as well as asset management, these tools help you every step of the way.

The scanner model is Datalogic Magellan The other method is to open the setup-wizard in System Five, select Point of Sale Devices, barcode scanner, and select the appropriate preamble. Wednesday, April 4, 8: Power should be derived from the USB port. I also know that there are tools for associating a logical name to a Service Object this would also be an impediment for depolyment as I would have to repeat the process each time I’m changing the machine.

Pos Devices – Barcode Scanners

Anyway, if someone is working with Datalogic’s OPOS legacy drivers, do know that I was not able to communicate with more than one scanner in the same time. One of them is the MS Scanner Simulator.


There is often a separate power supply that is required. Hello, I am interested in retrieving data from a number of barcode scanners which are connected via USB to a machine.

In the former case, how do I find out which scanner performed a scan when a DataEvent event is received? Removing the active scanner, would enable the second scanner to work.

Newland Knowledge Base – 1D/2D Barcode Module & Scanner | OPOS – OPOS

It is still scanenr clear to me whether the items appearing in the getDevices list are device classes or devices which exists physically.

I’ve already went through steps 1 and 3. I think there was a tool for it, but I remember it never worked. You may call serialPort.


You will need to configure the scanner to HID mode instead of Keyboard mode. From crashes leading to open ports to being forced to assign a name for each of my scanner manually. Would there be 6 different items corresponding to my 6 scanners in that list or would csanner just be one item namely a device class.