May 22 2020

Lemon juice, vinegar, hot-water and “elbow grease” can be use for a variety of projects from window cleaning to unclogging drains. What is not accepted? Box Chico, CA Select A Department or Division Office Hours Monday – Friday 7: How can I avoid HHW products altogether? Get property zoning information?

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Chemical Spill at Chico State’s Physical Science Building – MNG-Chico

Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm. Apply for a job with the City? Why bring items to HHW facility? The Public Works Department maintains approximately 1, hszmat of roadways, including over bridges and drainage structures and more than 18, road signs. It is about creating a sustainable community that values what we have and what future generations deserve to have.

Report a possible code violation? Why use this facility? Get a Wastewater Discharge Permit?


File a claim against the City? A mixture of baking soda and castile soap makes a good multipurpose cleaning product. Get Accessibility ADA info?

Lease a public building? Get property zoning information? Report a Sanitary Sewer Overflow? Careers with Public Works.

Get connected to the City Sewer? Schedule a building inspection?

What can I dispose? How much HHW can be disposed at one time?

HHW can injure sanitation workers, poison the environment and poses a threat to human health and wildlife when improperly disposed. What are the hours of operation?

Get an online building permit? Expand or start a business in Chico? Get a burn permit?

Chemical Spill at Chico State’s Physical Science Building

Make a park reservation? This facility is open from 9: Home generated medical sharps drop off locations: Office Hours Monday – Friday 7: Find out what airlines serve Chico? Toll free number for hour Hotline is How do I know if something is HHW? Don’t dispose of HHW in the garbage, don’t pour it down storm drains and don’t dump in on the ground! Select A Department or Division Free to all households in Butte County.


Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible. Check for retrofit certificate?