Mar 04 2020

Duo, Compression, 2 Back: From this view, you can clearly see the depth or lack thereof of the face. The Tour model has a shallower body to allow for more workability. I just purchased the hibore iron set all hybrids and like them very much and would like to purchase a matching driver and possibly 3 wood. Lots of shots seemed to balloon. B logo , star s , loft Crown: I think the main cause is to much backspin.

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Thanks Bought a demo XL 9. Really bummed cause I was killing this club.

Even with a rusty swing, this club launches the ball extremely straight, and puts on a lot of hang time. Finally went to the course a couple of days back having bought a set hiboe Taylormade R7 draw irons. TearDrop, cyber crown, lineVER. It works, though, with this club.

Back to back 66, all about that driver. Duo, lineCompression, 2 Back: I was going to hunt down that phone number and give someone there a call.

Every time I have hit the XL Pro it has produced a casual draw or a dead straight piercing ball flight that looks like it will never stop rolling when it comes down. Read these reviews and bought one. I took the club to the range shortly after purchase to try it out.


After playing with the clubs for several round as well as using them on mat and grass driving ranges, the scratches on the bottom of the club are very minimal. In terms of contact, i do on a regular basis make contact with the club, and i do have a smooth swing to work with. Post your results when you get the club…….

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

But be aware that some of the right-handed One thing in addition, with a D-5 weighting bottom of club feels a bit heavier than most you can sweet swing and get incredible results.

My normal driver is the rather deep-faced r7, so I hit more than a few pop-ups with the HiBore. Mon-conforming red stiff shaft is a low launch as is.

I am going to probably go with an 8. I am a scratch player that has played the xl tour head 9.

Cleveland HiBore XL NonConforming?’s

Going to take it out for a round this afternoon — really looking forward gkld it. It hits nice controlled fades for me, that still have plenty of roll out. Could not hit it to save my life. I have never been a slicer except when I first started playing about 40 years ago.


I also think it the XLS sets up better.

Cleveland HiBore Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Nice review you put in here. Max Carry Cleveland Hibore XL With the hibore its around meter. The red shaft will do this for you, lowering the launch angle by arriving at the ball with less tip deflection due to firmer tip and higher kickpoint. Happy to say it seems to be what I hoped for.

Non Conforming Cleveland Hi Bore XL 10.5* Driver Fit on M Gold Stiff Flex W/ HC

Option 2 would be to pay for a real fitting with multiple shaft options. I currently hit a 9. If you want to hit higher, hit higher on the clubface.