May 22 2020

Neon lead 2 Time to move on past the barebone circuit and start adding components, so far the bigger the CFL the more power consumption and shorter run times didn’t last more than 4 – 5 hours and at nightlight level lasted over 12 – 24 hours depending on CFL size. Hi jadaro Here’s the barebone version of the original drawing. Transformer Pin 5 Transformer Pin 6 Locator pin, no wire HV pulse coil lead 2 Interesting also is that if I use a higher value polarized electrolytic capacitor I can get the CFL to strobe and not use much power but that isn’t useful and gets annoying after awhile

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Battery Negative solder connection 2.

Gadgetmall’s Fuji Mod light CFL from 1 AA/AAA for – 12 hrs + – Thread 2

The reason I’m asking is that if we don’t need the 6th wire then there’s that much less confusion. If you notice the primary winding is 7 or 8 turns of number 26 wire on the outside of the transformer. If you use this website and our services you declare yourself okay with using cookies.

So far all the tests on the CFL barebone for time length end up with something like a night light as far as brightness using this circuit, I’m working my way up to the rest of the Fuji circuit next.

Fuji circuit aa light bulb

Still messing around with the barebone Fuji circuit, after many configurations I am up to over 24 hours lighting a CFL at a low level on a used AA battery. March 02, I will try and build another circuit with all the components that are on a Fuji circuit to further test this but I don’t see many components coming into play as the switch used for the flash isn’t closed and therefore excludes some of the components.


I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals! The new digital currency! Transistor – Collector 4.

Flash bulb center lead I have run the circuit with different transistors and capacitor values but the results are the same, if I use the 68 pF capacitor and adjust the 10 K pot for a minimum CFL brightness then the battery power consumption is reduced but not much light.

Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires! March 03, I only have to do this with a few of them. Switch connection 2 9. Resistor, Cap and bulb size seem to play a big part in the circuit along with tuning for maximum CFL brightness and input power. I tried compldted light the CFL but it just drained the voltage and wouldn’t light. I have to say the only components i used were the pot and a 68 pf cap.

Also i do not Lie and i am sorry you guys couldn’t replicate My Devices. fujo

Fuji Circuit Joule Thief CFL Light | Cell Phone Batteries

Maxwell Ultracaps YT Subscribe. Testing on circuit 2 with more variable resistance and cap values need to be examined before adding more components in circuit 3. Well I’m satisfied that I made a gain on the original barebone circuit and will leave it at that till tomorrow when I’ll check in to see if the motor is still running while driving the CFL and how much voltage it dropped. Problem between Meter and person measuring Me or cheap meters don’t work with this circuit for measuring amps?


All Test is over, battery stopped lighting the CFL at approximately 4. I’m going to add the capacitors on a separate duplicate board so that I can use the 3 socket to test different transistors on the original board.

Connected to Flash switch lead 1 I still have two circyit AA units build as lamps that i use for a bedside light.

Add one component to circuit 1 by including capacitor in parallel to the resistor. If you mess with the tuning and ground the neon by touching it’s second lead or connecting it to house ground it the CFL gets brighter but causes a voltage drop on the battery.

If I increase the capacitance to higher circuot up to 0. Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Re: Now even more Deep Discounts!

Diode positive Anode I may have caused a slight performance problem by reversing the connections to pin 4 to collector and pin 1 to the positive because of the dot being on pin 4 but I won’t change this circuit just yet as it does function just not emitting much light. Transformer Pin 4