Jan 31 2020

I tried the head cleaning, and during head cleaning, the black stopped. Work perfick again – Anonymous. Epson are a giant in the printing world and they have built this reputation upon quality products like this inkjet cartridge. I cannot believe the numerous problems consumers are having with Epson printers. You will see a green and brown pad. Thanx a lot Paul. Item may be a special order, low on stock or out of stock.

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Does this unit need trashed when the tube is full? Your contract is with: I see by reading this forum it is not only the RX but many other Epsons that are causing many problems ,we consumers should not have to be putting up with. The goods to remain at the buyer’s risk in all c660 until received by the seller. Great site, after trying to fix the printer cx which didn’t work I found your site. I took it apart to find the nozzles and print head caked in dried ink.

If the new one has problems it will be the last Epson I will ever buy.


epson cx6600 needs reseting

The other features are all to be expected. Can’t print anything if one color goes empty. Printing speed and quality are far superior to the Epson. Is anyone able to give direction concerning printer that will not print I just broke down and bought a Canon Pixma MP A black rubber band fell out inside of my printer, the black and white copy’s work but the color copy’s dont workit prints in lines but not a solid picture, how do I put it back?

To be honest I had over a hundred dollars worth of ink cartridges left from the last printer and the Epson was the only other printer that would c66000 the same cartridges and that is the only reason I bought the Did all the standard troubleshooting per Epson. This item is in our product range but please call for delivery estimate before ordering.


Epson CX Driver & Downloads

I nearly went out to buy a new one. Epson has left me with a bad impression. And look in the gutter under the sponge. Thanks for the info, you are spot on. Displaying 1 – 10 of 28 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 3 Paginate right.

I guess I didn’t do it correctly. I use it each and everyday.


Thanks worked out just fine. Any returns must be received within 30 days of good being despatched. I have had this printer now for 3 years. I have never replaced epxon sponge because they never need replacing. Any help in finding a direction would be appreciated.

The printer behaves correctly during the resetting procedure, but in the end it still won’t squirt ink. GB 84 If you have any questions or complaints regarding the company, these can be addressed to the Customer Services Manager at the above address. The the printer get a loud noise.

I had mine diagnosed by Epson via Best Buy and they are saying the print head is clogged and that they can’t unclog it. The scanner was very clear.

Are there any other steps I can take to get it to print simple black ink or is it a goner? That took care of my dad’s printer and he’s happy.