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The pin docking interface lets you connect the amp to an L7 line out cable and E9 desktop amp available separately for further versatility. I am not going to preach here, but if you haven’t heard earphones driven by a headphone amp as opposed to a laptop or iPod, well You are allowed to control volume, bass and treble, gain, channel balance, etc. The buttons are the same. This thing is solid. Notably better the the somewhat underpowered FiiO E7 and in some pairings better than the Sony PHA-1 which lack any low and high pass adjust-ability. Pros – Great for the money — possibly the best.

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Is it suited for my Shure ? Now, it is no surprise that you can adjust the bass. The Mini USB is located on the bottom and is the main charging source.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Pros – power, sound quality.

This little device boosts up the quality and volume quite nice. Be the first to review this item. Headphone Impedance 16 to ohms.

When using the bass adjustment with a reasonably neutral sounding headphone like the Shure SRHs, you can make your headphones sound superb. I personally love how the E17 doesn’t seem to add any color or brightness to the sound, as I am an avid fan of neutrality in music replication; and even if your headphones are too daac, bright or colorful, there are some moderate changes that can be made through the E17 to counteract that.


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Pros – Has many forms of input; allows some control over gain, treble, bass, balance and volume; neutral sounding output; good price. Remains very transparent – really lets you enjoy the music. I will try to post my own review after I have tested it out. The ‘s are just too “dark” without something to mitigate on the top octave’s behalf.

The brushed ifio looks stylish without being anything plain simple or too pompous. Your kind understanding would be highly appreciated. I will def get the new one that is all Android. To find this functionality elsewhere would require you to double your budget. Written by Zennheiser Published May 24, Rated 5 out of 5 by Networker from Nice packaging, crystal clear sound I have used the E17 with headphones, including dual headphones, powered speakers and un-powered speakers, desktop computers and a laptop.

ProlificaudioJan 7, Can be used with a wide variety of devices. However, i did expect a lot more to be honest.


Fiio E17 review | What Hi-Fi?

That may frustrate replacement. Click here to see MMB1’s full review Its feature set, sound quality, and inputs make it a leader in its price range. I could hear vocals a lot clearer and they were more distinct and precise.

They remained true to the amplification, and never got harsh. The octaves in the vocal region were noticeably da from being un-amped. Can function as a DAC.

What Hi-Fi?

The FiiO E17K is a compact portable USB and coaxial digital to analog converter as well as an analog headphone amplifier for driving your favorite headphones. Display has quite a few dull pixels – a common screen-burn problem with this DAC.

Mids became fac enveloping, and, like i said, the bass became more enjoyable.

For budget audiophiles who will make use of the USB or optical inputs, this an easy choice. My setup on the go sometimes looks like this: I have been using the E17 “Alpen” every day for over a year now.