Feb 14 2020

The above is worse case design. The Newer PMDs cost us more money but we have not yet increased the cost of our product , so order now before we must increase the price. Most owners replace the resistor with a 9 because it gives them a little more fuel and possibly a little increased performance. I like to clamp and wire tie it so it doesn’t move. There are some places selling used PMDs and even some reports stated them claiming they were new! Electronic injection pumps are used on all Hummers with the GM 6. The story usually begins like this.

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I didn’t think anything of it. OEM style and quality wire looming for factory appearance and longevity. This solves the problem once and for all. You lose your power steering and the truck is very hard to steer.

This is fairly tight. Ever since our product hit the market over a decade ago there have been imitators and still our product has stood the test of time, proving that product of top quality materials and of proper design and manufacture prevails.

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If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is Please read as important csd information explains what to look for in this kind of product. If you go off road and kick a lot of mud up into the wheel well you can clog the fins.


I doubt they use military grade devices in this device! As the Manufacturer our products are in stock and immediately available for shipping, RUSH orders and faster shipping options are available at additional cost.

Fuel System Driver – FSD/PMD

Better injection pump cooling may result from leaving this cover off if PMD unit is mounted under it, however our testing and that of others has indicated there is little difference in temp with cover on. The resistors are keyed for correct installation.

Because there is variability in the manufacturing of injector pumps the resistor is used to fssd the engine computer to the pump. The Magnus-Moss Warranty Act prohibits a dealer or manufacturer from voiding your warranty unless a product is directly responsible for a failure.

A couple of days later the sun came out. Thermal Transfer Pad is of material recommended by experts in the thermal transfer field for electronic modules. The heat is balanced in theory by the fact that the PMD is being cooled by the diesel fuel itself running through the pump. You will be quoted the shipping cost and presented with delivery options at the time of checkout.

Any sensitive electronics however are still at great risk of failing if not mounted on a properly designed ‘cooler’ and un proven replacements seem to fail at the same rate or more. According to Stanadyne rebuilders there have been 3 variants of PMD’s, with the latest one being either an improvement or a problem, depending on who you talk to.


Stainless Steel PMD mounting hardware. Chevrolet The best quality! PMD centrally placed on cooler for even cooling.

Heat Sink and Cable Kit

I say “no way”. This is the newest generation pmd that is available on the market. In summary, the PMD can only create about 40 watts of heat which is solenokd the power it receives, and it can’t create heat from nothing.

In this case we are going to mount the cooler on the plastic face in the battery compartment. It seems that this electronic module overheats and goes bad. The fact if it is a fact that the transistors are rated at watts, indicates they are FET’s. Whenever I run into a failed PMD I always replace it with a remote mounted unit on a heatsink and just abandon the defective PMD on the injection pump.

Fuel Injection Pump Solenoid-Diesel Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) Bostech PMD | eBay

This source has a 20 amp fuse. A Stanadyne tech in Ontario, Canada note the location – definitely a low risk of heat soak in that area! This means the PMD will generate even more heat under high load or high-speed conditions.

NO exclusive sales agreements that can drive up prices.