Apr 20 2020

There are these weird fans or something in the back of the cab. GBX users would have 2 of these stacked creating a rig with watts output, which for the time was more than enough power. Robb and Kenneth Mountain like this. Bass series were known as the ‘Bass Bug’ with a single 15 inch speaker. The Celestion logo on the front of the grill meant that this amp featured one 25 watt Celestion G12M speaker, also known as a “green back”, one of the most highly sought after guitar speakers from the late 60’s early 70’s. Discussion in ‘ Amp Central Station ‘ started by tdu , Aug 20,

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Bass series were known as the ‘Bass Bug’ with a single 15 inch speaker.

GBX amps made in Canada | Squier-Talk Forum

The GBX line of solid state amplifiers contained quality components which included Hammond transformers, USA made accutronics long reverb tanks and in some cases Celestion speakers. Now, I’m not to worried about the cleaning bbx I’m not an amp repairman.

Ya my bro is away for the weekend with the digicam. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The GBX amplifier had basd pre-amplifier that could change the gain, brilliance, depth, contour and response of the output.


Lots on the 4x And the vintage style grill cloth on an amp this ugly makes no sense at all. Aug 28, Hard RoadBbass 1, GBX were popular here in southern Ontario, largely because they weren’t Traynor – by the early 70’s, Traynor had pretty much saturated the market here.

Like the other amplifiers it had two gbxx, normal and effects, and gain, brilliance, depth. The standard cab was 4×10″ speakers with an watt solid-state power amp mounted in the back.

I had a similar issue with crackling. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Sounded like a cheap transistor radio. Gx to the post that started this thread: Can’t wait to get some me time and try it out. Thank you for visiting. I returned it the next day. I have this huge, ugly as sin “GBX” bass amp down in my basement.

Anyone know anything about GBX amps?

Ok the camera is here. The driver had 4 outputs which made it possible to drive 4 GBX powered speaker enclosures at once.


This article needs additional citations for verification. It’s a GBX G control head with a 4 x cab. But from what I have been able to glean already, it was probably made in the late sixties early seventies base, before the company went bankrupt.

I had an amp similar to that.

Just makes a static noise whether the head is plugged into it or running through the crate and makes the crate buzz n hum. Your name or email address: Helping students develop citizenship, faith, literacy, responsibility and vision. Ahed also produced some guitars.

Does the power lamp on the cabinet light up at all? Home Search Forums Recent Posts. The reverb is very “wet” at maximum setting. They are in excellant condition. But say’s it worked good the last time it was used.

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