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You start the program again and this time when you are asked if you want to activate the maps say Yes and a screen comes up with a space to enter the number. I had my Holux mounted high on the windshield near my rear view mirror. It features 3 LEDs to show satellite signal, bluetooth connection, and battery charge. How to deal with video card driver problems? Wow, manipulating this PPD is not for the “computer faint at heart. Once you do this the program continues and you can then use it normally.

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It will tell you that there is not enough memory there but if you click ‘No’ to install in another location it will go ahead and install onto the SD unless the seamless map truly doesn’t leave enough room. I have read about the Asus A which comes with Wifi and Bluetooth.

It would always try to install into RAM. This seemed to work for a while and then I got this message: The link for that is here: I wanted a GPS device primarily and the connectivity was secondary.

I received it two days ago and I’m really impressed. Assuming iGuidance runs on WM5 and I do not know this but I am sure someone here does you’d still have to buy that. Thank you for your excellent review.

In my last posting I mistakenly wrote “gpsnow” when I meant to gpsmike “buygpsnow. How to deal with video card driver problems? Delivery is as you want it. After reading a review here on the OCN 5, I am not quite sure if I understand the “activation scheme. I don’t think Paul has used the Asus A so I’ll pitch in here, having used and tested both.


HOLUX GPSmile 60 USB Sync – driver downloads [FOUND ]

I ran it this way for the first week but eventually moved to a large SD card and ran everything off the card. I don’t know how much room is left on the SD card with the seamless map and install on there but I would suggest doing something like the following to maximize the free ram on your holux: I doubt this is universal throughout CA. I need a better understanding how memory works on a PPC. It was nice to have it high but I disliked the cord hanging down and it was distracting when looking at the mirror.

Do you have an issue with OCN 5 having no text display of a route? Some notes on activation So I figured out that if you minimized the storage area in RAM the install will tell you there is not enough room and let you pick another location. gpxmile

Thanks again for the excellent review on the Holux GPSmile We now provide access to a multitude of drivers – easier than ever before. This lightweight charger features a ruggedized mini USB cable which will plug into the device and charge it at home, work, or wherever you need to use your gps.


I’ve enjoyed using my MyGuide. Assuming I had a card now, could one just copy the Western Maps via “Clever Map” and autosych to this card and then switch out the 1 gb card that came with the Holux with the SD card with only the Western Maps of the US? Actually one more thing No, the subject at hand is the GPSmile 62 launched by Holux, a crafty little personal navigation device that should, at least in theory, provide a good level of guidance at a very affordable price.

I don’t have a problem as long as the PPD remains connected to my laptop via ActiveSync, however, when I try to connect to a website, I get a message saying: I think we pretty much followed holu same purchasing cycle. Anyway, getting holuux to my screw up. Holux was founded inis based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and is a producer of consumer GPS devices like loggers and navigators.

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If you do change the gpsmiel i. I don’t understand what the problem is. They said that this solution tends to bounce around a lot due to the weight of the PPC but I am sure that depends on your vent configuration and whether it has anything to rest against.