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Go buy a fender footswitch , that’s what I did , once I had found some pleasing tones with the amp , then engaging the fat switch when needed , was enough of a boost for me. How do I power all of my pedals? They didn’t charge me anything but they didn’t do anything to it either. I actually use both. The Waza version rectifies that discrepancy in the “Custom” mode, essentially adding a second “channel” to the pedal. I bought the Keeley with true bypass about 2 years ago , and I have to say it is a beautiful sounding improvement over any I have previously heard. You may be able to get away with just an OD if you’re looking to simply dirty up your sound a bit.

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Absolutely my favourite sounds to come out of my amp.

Tube Screamer vs. Blues Driver | Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum

The boost modes adds some bass. Your name or email address: I actually use both. The place fs9 all things related to guitar pedals. I use both pedals for mild overdrive with my ’66 Super Reverb and couldn’t be happier to have both. Which one sounds better has many factors.


New Pedal Day What’s in the Altoid tins? More volume, gain, and compression. Axis29Mar 11, At 9VDC, it’s a different animal.

Aug 25, 1. I have the tube screamer set at 0 gain with the volume around 1: You can go from clean boost to gritty drive to pseudo-fuzz.

Tube Screamer vs. Blues Driver

Booss have one on my pedalboard, and it probably won’t ever be removed The Keeley does a great job at sounding more like a cranked amp with no loss of low end, has just as much or more drive depending on your settings but has great clarity to it because it is more full ibnaez. A great example would be a barely breaking up Marshall tube amp or a Big Muff Pi fuzz pedal.

The Bluees is one of the few that makes me waver in that statement, but obviously not enough to make me go out and get one–or I’d already have it! This subreddit is night mode compatible.

Boss Blues Driver or Ibanez Tubescreamer? : guitarpedals

I ended up purchasing the BD-2 along with a Polytune 2 Tuner pedal and a Pedaltrain Jr pedal board to go along with a few pedals that I already have I have no self control. Discussion in ‘ The Stomp Box ‘ started by telerockerAug 25, They’re all good, but in different ways, many of which are subjective. I’d recommend bose both side by side if you can and see which suits you best! LeebmanMay 31, Wed Dec kbanez, 9: I don’t need a massive amount of distortion, just something middle if the road that I can kick in with a quick tap of the foot.


The store would not exchange it so V sent it back to the manufacturer for repair. My basement isn’t a large jam space. A TS9 on steroids.

The BD-2 on the other hand does light overdrive all the way to distortion and sounds seriously good the entire time. FlatSep 5, I saw some comparison videos on the bd-2 and ts9. The more info you can give the more we can help you.

Users browsing this forum: Nov 15, For full board picturesit is required that you at least post the signal chain.