Feb 02 2020

Installed in the XD they kept the same characteristics. Thus I took out the speaker, carefully peeled off the felt ring and pryed with a screwdriver to bend the sheet metal chassis and cover of the playing speaker until distortion nearly disappeared. It looks like a heatpipe at the lower front rim of the system board assembly. I downloaded a Thinkpad service manual, that lists which parts are interchangable among series models; the sound card unfortunately is claimed to be not interchangable. Oct 1, Posts: I emailed IBM but I know you guys will be faster. I also had to install the harddisk from my EL since my XD specimen lacked it.

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Wed Nov 14, 7: Poster rated this answer 0 Votes. I recently loaded a new copy of win98se onto my laptop. There is little space left in the case, im I removed the anyway useles modem eject slider and hotglued the trimmer there. Mine doesn’t start always, likely because its noisy bearing is damaged.

How-To build a Frankenpad This model also featured the unique keyboard that could slide upward on the back side on rails to “flip up” towards the user and provide a more ergonomic feel.

However in direct comparison both speaker types differ a lot. The standby NiCad battery 3 welded button cells under the keyboard cover of my XD also show some white battey leak residues on their shrink sleeve.


XD trouble & awful Mwave sound (HOW-TO:replace Mwave) – Thinkpads Forum

Can’t seem to make the drivers work for the sound card. I hope it won’t blow up. If there is any BIOS hacking you can do, it’s beyond my field of knowledge. The DOS sound rocks now and makes no crashes at all. The 760x port is actually on the video board so replacing the sound card would not remove that functionality.

The XD speakers play at least twice as loud and sound quite bright and much more slund. Thus my only conclusion is that the cooler ESS soundcard, heat paste on the MPEG chip and the open modem jack hole has become sufficient now to keep the thing cool enough to prevent the fan from starting. So many people have had issues with the Mwave, but I never did. This conversation is currently closed to new comments.

Despite the service manual everywhere mentiones nylon screws those are claimed to be not re-usable, I found neither in my EL nor my XD any of them. Could this be it? Before re-sticking the sticker, remove oil residues with isopropanol and a Q-Tip from the metal surface otherwise it wouldn’t stick. Then it will reboot iibm find like 76xd or 4 devices, and probably reboot again. Tue Nov 13, 2: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


Anyone have the sound drivers for a IBM Thinkpad 760XD???

Latitude E Working ThinkPads: In sound toys with similar tiny speakers it happens often that the voice coil melts itself through the plastic diaphragm.

Tue Nov 13, The biggest pain is extracting and running things off floppiess who the hell does that anymore. There are about three or Unfortunately my right speaker was damaged and thus made a bright crackling distortion also in bass sounds, which was very disturbing. Installed in the XD they kept the same characteristics. I’ll post after i try that tonight.

Vintage IBM 760xd Laptop 9546

May 14, Posts: The chip looks intact and the die is still shiny. Nowadays I know that unscrewing the case top cover and pulling out the keyboard connector would be an easier way to disconnect the CMOS battery power.

Apparently the drivers for this alsowork on the