Feb 07 2020

Set of indian logos for your branding projects, religion publications or India topics in your designs. It’s funny to recall that Amazon, which is now world’s biggest e-commerce portal was once named Cadabra. But the legend below is clearly visible: Served for the first time in , the official logo of Coca-Cola was somewhat a slab serif and chunky sans serif. Royal Bank of Scotland C.

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It is then, in that the brand got its the first logo. The depiction of big eyes with an evil smile along with the intricately patterned Crown of the mask is a direct signifier of Indian Tribal Art. Make a Indian inseo online. Royal Bank of Scotland C.

Logo quiz: Can you recognise these brands? – Business

The logo change came after 20 years in scaling new heights which has been truly transformative. Vector Colorful Mandala Pattern.

The angular stroke is repeated on the top right end of the Shiro-Rekha to provide visual balance to the composed letterform. The geometric design of the logo in black, white and red make it strong in terms of visibility as a symbol.

My country is powerful. Get in touch via Twitter. The logo is iconic, depicting people joining hands to integrate and assimilate ideas.


Logo quiz: Can you recognise these brands?

Now, designers in India have also started following new trends in logo designs, which kigos less colors, objects and graphics. From a tiny little company in to a powerhouse now, Mozilla Firefox grew like a chain reaction.

The graphic effect of fine, fluid lines for its wings depicts the vibrant, flourishing image indel Festival of India Committee. Tata logo is eye-catching for its simplicity.

Green and Healing Logo Vector. Ganesh Icon Line Vector. Can a company function without a logo and still create a brand to reckon with? Woman And Man Yoga Silhouettes. We have it in us to move in that direction. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Brand essence for the new Bajaj has been defined as “Excitement”.

It symbolically depicts a dawn of new identity of every individual, endowed with a unique number for each individual. Today headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal it is an Indian conglomerate. May 16, Designed in early s, the Airport Authority of India logo uses triangular form and the wings of an airplane kindling vision of airport. The current logo is so far the simplest resolution for the brand from its beginning. The expression connotes affirmation, reliability, values like a sustained consistency in the quality and growth.


See how they were in the beginning and how much they have changed now. It is Pixar’s classic Toy Story that changed everything for the brand and since then, every major Walt Disney Picture got its own custom logo.

Indian Logo Designs

Companies need to have brand value and to create that logos are essential. A home grown health care company. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on.

The concept underlines the deep philosophy of cosmic beliefs in the field of Yoga a philosophy practice in India since the vedic times. Since then, the brand has survived world war II, moved into a diverse upscale sector and has ineo people’s car.

With more than ten years’ experience working with Australian and international tech startups in the creative industries, Jo has been instrumental in meeting DesignCrowd’s objectives in Australia and abroad. Simple and elegant, it reflects traditional ethos combined with modernity of Titan products.