Jan 31 2020

And i can’t seem to get a stream from the card. Hey guys I am going nuts trying to get this tuner card to work in linux. Dear All, I’m new to Ubuntu, and not very skilled at going ‘under the hood’! Is there a trick that I have’nt performed. Like I say, I’m a newbie at Ubuntu so I’m taking your post, one step at a time. Oh, my mistake – I was assuming you were using a DVB card but it seems it’s an analogue one.

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Basically There are two Hauppauge variants. Is there a trick that I have’nt performed.

CONFIG_VIDEO_IVTV: Conexant cx23416/cx23415 MPEG encoder/decoder support

Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 was 32 [ Please, what do I do next? Registered device video24 for encoder PCM kB ivtv0: If you just want to know if something works with ZoneMinder or not, please check the Hardware Compatibility sections in the forum, and the Wiki first. Oh by the way I tried KdeTv after running what you said and I was able to get the channels scanned in but it is all fuzz and no picture and no sound.


If you have a choice, go close to the CPU. A more recent kernel?

[ubuntu] Hauppauge WinTV PVR MCE [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Last edited by Adam Sulmicki on Thu Oct 12, TVTime doesn’t see a video source. Registered device video33 for encoder YUV kB [ This appears to be the firmware file that I see referenced Initializing card 0 [ They normally output mpeg2 stream. Tuner -1 found with type s Radio TV. After all it has its own set of drivers. As stated on http: The YUVfunnyformat should not be a problem if it is clearly defined somewhere.

Hauppauge PVR (fixed)

The above is pure theory and may work on a good day with the wind behind it. I am using kernel 2.

For reference if your lspci says that you got either: I will mark this as fixed if not completely solved. Had a brainwave and thought I would try as ‘root’ still no good, still get: And i can’t seem to get a stream from the card. Now onto ivtv based cars. ZM at its current incarnation does not understand mpeg2.


Any help cc23416 be great.

Please let me know if I can be of any assitance with testing at all. Ok I did the first two things and got a cursor blinking at the command prompt both times after running the commands.

Start initialization, version 1. Hauppauge modelrev C, serial tveeprom What are they for? I should have posted more card info No such device or address looking in dev I also have a video24 and a video Any help gratefully received.