Feb 01 2020

Thank you so much. It’s not a mandatory feature, since you can map all brush dynamics, including stroke shape, to the pen pressure, achieving very realistic results. Would love to hear more about it. That’s a tough choice, Alessandro. I love trackpads, way better on the cramped hand, and was about to be give the game point to the Bamboo CREATE — until I remembered it came with a mouse. And here’s a cautionary note for Intous4 Small buyers.

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I did not buy an Intuos because I found it very expensive for the type of usage I will give to it. I use my 15″ MacBook Pro, and a 24″ display to edit. While the actual resolution is equivalent on both models, most users prefer to work on a medium sized pen tablet. I need to be able to sit on the couch a distance from my computer and hold the tablet comfortably in peh lap while editing for my back and wrist pfofessional.

Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet – Medium

Both will give you roughly the same accuracy, while having difference work area sizes. Working with a mouse requires repetitive muscle movements while the rest of the hand keeps still, creating uneven muscle fatigue.

It has more than enough resolution for you display and would work very well for vector or natural media illustration.

A tablet too big for your screen infuos4 slow, requiring too much hand movement, and may tire your arm muscles quicker. Is it a good choice? Event though the regular Intuos offers great bang for the profezsional, there are a few key differences that set the Pro model apart.


And sorry for my wrong grammar since English is not my first language. I primarily work peen video, After Effects, etc. I’d recommend you to spend a little more and invest on the medium model, if possible.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

By the way, I find that Wacom tablets twblet keep their worth for a long time. It has a larger working area, making it a more versatile model, specially if you use a display above 23 inches.

I would be pleased with a programmable button as I could just click it and have it function as my eraser when needed. Compared to a typical display resolution, that is plenty. I know how horribly late this is, but it’s the holiday season again and wanted to add my input. Some examples of those apps here and herefor Windows, and here for Mac. Also, before opting for the large model, I suggest you to cut a piece of paper in the same size and try it on your desk.

What programs to use? I’m not an illustrator myself, but I’ve worked closely with professional illustrators and also have traced lots of artwork and roughs using a Wacom pen tablet.

It is also useful if you need to trace large artwork or sketches directly on the tablet surface. Do u think That there is an older intous model better that the bamboo Create? Keep in mind, though, that a higher resolution pen tablet is necessary if you’re working with multiple displays or a single big screen.


Refer to the sizing table above for some pointers. I’m using 17″ display and resolution x if that’s relevant. I’ve tried all the free software, and the Adobe Creative Cloud is out of my budget.

I haven’t been able to try either tablet so I don’t really know. Hardware quality is excellent and based on the track record of my own previous Wacom Pro tablets, it should last for several years of daily use.

Hi, thanks for this review. You give actual information which is what users are interested in when comparing models. If you need carry the tablet around, the small Intuos Pro would be a good choice.

She wants the pro, but I’m not sure because she really hasn’t used digital art before and we have no software beyond the basic draw programs her computer came with. By the way, deeplinks to the wacom site do not work for me. I’d suggest starting with Krita, to be honest.