Feb 10 2020

Be the first to review this item. I found that if your band uses guitar pedals or any real deep bass lines, you end up with muddy and distorted noise. Their Bluetooth hardware is robust, producing consistent signals without fail. Describe your project and goals: Connecting patients to doctors to inventory to facility managers, ensuring compliance and the best care possible. It’s for intimate settings and pumping up the sales team on the third floor. We are looking forward to further successful cooperation”.

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It’ll also work with electric and bass guitars but I’d recommend bringing actual amps for those.


For smaller acts with one or two people on stage with a guitar, that’s impossible without stopping the song. Whether it is the reliable, flexible item selection or the rapid enhancement of hardware products — we look forward to continuing to harness the technology and create mutual synergies in the future”. For every preset, the gain, Q value, frequency, and curve of each individual band are carefully voiced to obtain the ideal equalizing result for that specific situation.

By using the ST-S80 you can create the ideal listening environment at the appropriate height and position. Two words bands love. There’s a hand-grip that lets you easily carry the unit with a single hand, plus a stylish, high tech design.

Experience accurate phase control with an all-in-one stereo speaker, a carefully designed crossover that connects the high and low frequency ranges, a low-noise design that decreases the noise floor, and superb resolution that delivers smooth attacks and crisp clarity.


During my tests, I could easily adjust the master volume and loudness of all the channels.

Plus, Korg will sell you a carrying case, and the tiny PA supports the industry standard speaker pole, so you can get it off the ground for better coverage at gigs. They’ll make you sound good without getting up to fiddle with the speaker. The unit provides master reverb, and lets you kohnekt a single knob to easily adjust the reverb konnekg and level. Modular and open IoT platform, adaptive location and telemetry engines, on-device and edge processing, blockchain beacon firmware.

It provides a pocket for storing the power cable and other cables, making it even more convenient to transport your system to the location of use. The Korg Konnect works with the free Konnect app available for iOS and Android, which further expands the feature set and functionality of the device by adding additional voice types, reverb types, FX types, and scene memories.

A variety of functions that are useful in any situation.

It’s not for the Mastedon-influenced rock band doing the bar circuit. You’ll be able to shape the sound optimally for each different source, such as vocals, guitar, or keyboard. This is a useful way to provide karaoke for a singer-instrumentalist or a solo performer, or to optimize a song for use as background music Phase and Pan: The latest technology and Korg’s know-how ensure that the full range will be reproduced with high-quality sound that rivals studio monitors.

Simplifying Enterprise IoT –

Stunning high power and clarity. Solutions designed to work out-of-the-box, one-day installations and limited-to-zero calibration needed.


A portable stereo high-powered PA with high-quality sound. You can also tweak reverb, voicing and panning among other things without any discernible latency — all via the app.

The Konnect weighs only about 12 pounds, so it’s easy to lug around from cafes to art galleries to the occasional small wedding. Engage with your customers when and where it matters the most through location-based content, loyalty programs, and targeted offers.

Their Bluetooth hardware is robust, producing consistent signals without fail. Use the center cancel function to decrease the sound of the vocal and guitar. Boisterous talkers in larger venues will more than likely drown out the Konnect. For musicians, a PA is necessary to amplify your voice and instrument to an audience.

Korg Konnect: A smart amp for small audiences

If inverted phase causes the sound to be muffled, you can use the phase switch function to reverse the phase. Any advertised discounts or savings will still bluetoogh. For large gatherings, PA systems keep you from just yelling at a group of people to share your message.

We are looking forward to further successful cooperation”. You won’t need to worry about positioning the speaker and mic. Korg Konnect Portable overview.