Feb 04 2020

Katya, Milena, Yuri Spanish: You can control all functions with your computer keyboard. Fixed a crash that can occur with ZoomText Bug Fix: A green image is incorrectly displayed when PCViewer is launched without a camera. Fix for some cameras that had an empty registry file in the camera and therefore couldnot be upgraded. This problem has been rectified. Fix to allow setting of 16 bit color quality, which previously gave a blue camera image with screen magnifier.

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With Full HD, even more details can be viewed in texts and images and the sharpest possible image in both reading and distance mode. The video feed will no longer cut off if you press F4 and F5 in quick succession. Dock and undock sttudent seconds to switch between a stationary and a portable system.

MagniLink S Premium 2

Included software Software for computer connection is included. EUC is a configuration program that can individually modify the settings according to the user, for ex magnification max minguiding line colour thicknesscurtains, lighting, grey scale and artificial colours. The application now saves the camera resolution.


Fix for incorrect PDF manuals from the start menu. Looking for earlier versions? MagniLink S TTS makes reading more efficient – use with headphones or in silent mode when you do not want to disturb your environment. Video recording on a PC with low performance is unreliable.

Improved stability together with SuperNova. MagniLink S software Documentation. Changing split position with supernova now works. By browsing further, you agree that we use cookies.

ZoomText and SuperNova camera switches from fullscreen if settings are accessed Column selector now works. The text can be saved and opened in a text editor for proofing or processing. High brightness and contrast high quality light sensitive lens. Feature to activate and inactivate autofocus.

MagniLink S Premium 2

Improved stability together with ZT Press F8 to get started directly from a minimized state. Possible to save OCR result as a sound file.

This along with “Smart Smart” makes scanning extremely fast and feature also works while text is being read out. It offers superior image quality, modern technology and really smart features.


Possible to zoom etc. MagniLink S v 7. Possibility for mirror viewing. The camera is available in SD resolution.

The modern, sleek design fits in most situations. Catarina, Joana, Joaquim Russian: Record a video with audio.

Feature to activate and inactivate autofocus. Load profile now updates the graphical user interface GUI correctly. A tooltip display “Settings F9” can sometimes incorrectly appear. Record a video with audio.

MagniLink S

Implemented ZoomText multiple monitor support. High brightness and contrast high quality light sensitive lens.

General improvements and bug fixes.