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DMA support commit pci: Common clocks implementation for Versatile Express commit clk: DT board setup for Network Space v2 and parents commit pxa: Add support for mc commit mfd: Add max codec driver commit ASoC: Kernel driver development, building and optimizing kernels and root filesystems, general purpose Linux application build and development, Open Embedded usage expertise.

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Support for multi-chip configuration commit Octeon: Please note that this information is sourced by the Linux Providers and Linux Consultants and is updated frequently. TI’s Linux partners are separated into two different categories:.

Activate LFA commit bnx2x: Add support for new devices: Support C0 commit sundance: Add support for the ADIS gyroscope commit iio: CLP interface commit pci: Alex Agizim mail to: Support eventfd commit KVM: Turn on building of the new driver commit rtlwifi: Add CPUFreq driver commit cpuidle: Enable HDMI support commit exynos: Add support for WM rev E commit mmc: Versatile Express clock generators “osc” driver commit clk: Add viperboard adc driver commit iio: Add TTY-over-Firewire serial driver commit fwserial: This page has been accessed 27, times.


Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only.

Add Wolfson Microelectronics WM codec support commit usb-audio: DT board setup for Network Space v2 and parents commit pxa: DMA support commit pci: Add Realtek pcie sdmmc host driver commit bcma: This page was last modified on 23 Augustat Add support for AR hardware version 1. Expert Linux Support http: Add checksum statistics counters to rings commit mlx4: My background in both low-level software and digital hardware design allows me mxrvell independently work with the prototype board, schematics and datasheets.

Add support for Gigabit Ethernet mode commit rtlwifi: Steve Poulsen Engineering Consultant http: DA regulator driver commit regulator: Add support for mc commit mfd: Electronics design house focused on multimedia: Consulting, System Conception, System Design e. The table is ordered alphabetically.

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