Feb 03 2020

March 2nd, I happened to have my TV on and tv-out enabled on my computer, and when I applied sdl, my tv showed a perfectly downscaled clone of the video playing in fullscreen on my monitor. Quite possibly your bug is already known and fixed, even though it may still be present in the version you are using. The rest I am not entirely if they are needed or can be. For sound, you should usually use oss or alsa in linux.

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Do they do the same? Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Subtitles are also read, parsed and displayed on screen by MPlayer. But most users may find it hard to use it.

You do see the thread tools menu, correct? The GUI section of the documentation explains how to enable it. October 07, I would suspect optimal depends on the type of video content being watched.

GGI graphics output aalib: Do I need some codecs?


Results 1 to 2 of 2. I try to make a screenshot but the option is disabled, why? A lot of menu options make the video to go blank for a moment.

SMPlayer Support Forum

On Windows is quite common that some MPlayer builds fail because they have been compiled with no support for some feature that SMPlayer tries to use. Support for audio CDs was added in version 0. So far, one setting did result in degradation on my system: March 1st, 8. The new FAQ is here: Is there a way for me to control the player while it outputs to “sdl”? Blinkenlights output See the video card section of the documentation for more details.

MPlayer Features

If you notice that problem try win32 instead. What’s the best video output driver to use with an Ivybridge HD graphics card Yes, I can see the ‘thread tools’ drop-down menu, but the only options available are: Where is the configuration file?

Just for curiosity, Mplyaer changed to ‘mpv’ and ‘vdpau’ Under Windows it’s not possible to play audio CDs yet. How can I change the key shortcuts? For Nvidia, I have nvidia-current and xdriver-video-nouveau What terminal command do I enter to find my current video driver?


But SMPlayer knows nothing about playing files.

MPlayer – The Movie Player

Windows The video is displayed only in the 1st monitor but not in the 2nd, why? You can get it from the MPlayer download page.

Hi, I’ve been using SMPlayer to play an assortment of movie files and am finding that they either freeze sporadically or the video tears with the smallest of camera movements. X11 DGA extension both v1. February 27th, 3. Increasing the cache size and numbers of threads for decoding doesn’t seem to help.

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