Feb 01 2020

Useful if your card has a VideoPort pin and video is choppy. May be faster or slower, depending on video card and available cache. Note that this is the exact opposite of the -audio-delay MEncoder option. Falls back on the default codecs if none of the given codec families work. Scales this amount in addition to speed.

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Besides some own options stored in gui. The higher the value, cuold more precise the estimation should be default: Enable this option if the dynamic range of the loudspeakers is very low.

[MPlayer-users] problem: cannot run mplayer to vidix output with Radeon9200SE.

Also suppresses the GUI error message boxes. Use -of help to get a list of available container formats. There are a few commands to manage the filter list. Not compatible with the channels parameter.

Find More Posts by storkus. Values below 0 will leave it at the system default.

mplayer how do I make the video fullscreen

It only supports bit integer and float in native-endian format as input. The number of options for this filter depends on the number of output channels. Useful when ripping from DVD or network. This is also used for some motion search functions, in which case it has an effect regardless of mbd setting. Use in combination with -nosound and -vo null for benchmarking only the video codec. Use a ‘-‘ before the codec name to omit it. This option fills the given window completely, thus aspect scaling, panscan, etc are no longer handled by MPlayer but must be managed by the application that created the window.


By default, the PTS passed to the next filter is dropped, but the following options can change that: Some audio cards create audio chunks about 0.

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Only works as the first argument on the command line. Same as for -dumpstream, this will likely not produce usable results for anything else than MPEG streams. You can fix the index wotking with MEncoder see the documentation.

Fine taken this way will contain subtitles. If you have problems with sound speed runs too quicklytry to play with different rate values e. You can also put the configuration file in the same directory as the file to be played, as long as you give the -use-filedir-conf option either on the command line or in your global config file. Set to 0 to let your windowing system decide what a double-click is -vo directx only.


If that doesn’t work you can add -zoom. If the connection to the Mplqyer server fails, use -v to see which IP address MPlayer tries to bind to and try to force it to one assigned to your computer instead.

This option may be useful if you are behind a router and want to forward the RTSP stream from the server to a specific client. For ALSA you can use the names e. Used during de-interlacing of unmatched frames. This will enable seeking in files where seeking was not possible.

MEncoder skips writing the index with this option. When set to -1, a green rectangle is drawn on the screen to simplify finding the right x,y,w,h parameters.

This overrides what is read from the DVD or the. If given, number in movie URL will be treated as channel position in channel list. Filter selects among b and p using image analysis.